Red Horse Sole Paint

Red Horse Sole Paint

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Red Horse Products Sole Paint thoroughly cleanses the underside of a horse’s foot. The powerful active ingredients work on the underside of the foot, toughen the hoof and support the natural growth of healthy frog tissue.

Sole Paint is a thick liquid that can be painted on for convenience and excellent coverage. Its thick consistency helps it penetrate into the deeper grooves of the foot.

Sole Paint is recommended for stubborn foot odour and discolouration, it also helps toughen weak horn tissues.

All of the ingredients in Sole Paint are natural and have been chosen to aid the condition of the sole and frog or improve the consistency of the product.




Zinc sulphate

A powerful, non-caustic antifungal agent.

Natural Minerals

Powerful but gentle natural minerals that cleanse and support healthy sole and frog growth.


Honey has unique properties and a sticky consistency to help Sole Paint stay in place.

Natural Oils

Highly effective essential oils that helps to cleanse and toughen weakened structures

Green French clay

A cleansing clay that gives the paint its unique consistency.

Coconut oil

A gentle oil that has active properties and helps to create a paint-like consistency.

Natural surfactant

To hold everything together.

Natural preservative

To extend the life of the product.


How should I apply Sole Paint?

Sole Paint can be squirted onto the sole and spread with a brush however some people prefer to decant some into a wider mouthed container and dip the brush into it.


My Sole Paint seems to have separated, is it OK to use?

Due to the natural ingredients in Sole Paint it can sometimes separate but a vigorous shake should mix it again. If it fails to become a useable consistency then we will replace the bottle for you.



Customer Reviews

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Red Horse Sole Paint - another great product from Red Horse!

I just started using this product. It can be used in different ways during different times of the year. It is really multipurpose to keep the bottom of the hoof strong and healthy. I use it on the frogs in the winter, along with the Red Horse Strong Horn on the soles. In the drier months I use it on the frog and sole areas. It has all the same ingredients in it as Red Horse's Artimud, but can soak down further into small cracks and crevices.