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Selling made simple

 Looking to clear out your tack room? Evolution Equestrian is here to make selling your tack simpler and easier. We do have a few straightforward guidelines to help things run smoothly.   

If you would like to consign your items, please send us an email to book an appointment. Sending photos and information about your tack is appearicated. 

Please note all saddles and items are sold “as-is”.

I do my best to give an honest representation of each saddle/tack and its condition, but I am not an expert. I can do local trials that require no shipping but must have a full deposit. I do not offer fittings, as I am not a professional, certified saddle fitter. I do always recommend working with a certified saddle fitter when possible.

Just a tack nerd at heart, who has a passion for the industry.

We accept the following in good, useable condition:

  • Saddles
  • Good Condition, Clean Tack - assessment on an individual level

We don’t accept:

  • Helmets
  • Blankets
  • Buckets and Stable Supplies
  • Grooming Supplies
  • Brushes
  • Whips
  • Unsafe or damaged tack
  • Dirty / ripped items

General Consignment Information

  • Evolution Equestrian accepts quality saddles and select tack, that is in good condition only. All equipment must be deemed useable and safe by staff. Evolution Equestrian reserves the right to refuse items based on quality and condition. Items must be brought in clean. There will be a $30 minimum cleaning fee for saddles and tack that arrive dirty and need to be cleaned before selling. 
  • All items are received under the condition that the Consignor has full and clear ownership of consigned items. 
  • All items sold on the Consignor’s behalf are sold AS IS, with no warranty implied or perceived on behalf of the consignor by Evolution Equestrian, its’ owners, or employees. Until sold, donated, or otherwise stated, the title for all items remains in the name of the Consignor. 
  • Evolution Equestrian retains the right to return items for any reason at any time. 
  • The Consignor grants permission to Evolution Equestrian to use images of any items and to remove such images for the purpose of marketing. 
  • Evolution Equestrian will notify the Consignor(s) when their item(s) has sold. The Consignor then has thirty (30) days to collect payment. Payment can be sent as an email transfer or cash. 
  • All item(s) are listed and sold in Canadian Dollars. All payments are only made in Canadian dollars. 
  • Evolution Equestrian Co. will use all reasonable avenues in order to assist in selling consignment items, including but not limited to all social media platforms, websites, and upcoming events if possible. 

Consignment Fees (applied to sold items)

  • If saddles come into be cleaned a minimum of a $30 fee will be applied on top of the consignment fee.
  • The consignment fee will be deducted from the proceeds once the item has sold. Consignment Period
  • Items are consigned for a minimum of 30 days from being received and a maximum of 6 months / 180 days.
  • The consignment period is deemed over (ended) when the item(s) has sold, or the consignor has requested the item(s) back, and/or Evolution Equestrian has requested the item(s) be picked up.
  • Evolution Equestrian may request the item(s) be picked up at any time at their discretion.

Item Value

Consignment Commission / Fee

Items $50 and under

$15 flat fee

Items $50 - $100

$30 flat fee

Items $100 - $300

30% commission

Items $300+

20% commission



 Pick Up Period

  • 24 hours’ notice is required by phone or email prior to picking up the consignor’s item(s).
  • Items requested for Pick Up at any time during the Consignment Period, either by the Consignor or Evolution Equestrian, will be held for a maximum of twenty-one (21) days. Items not picked up within twenty-one (21) days become the property of Evolution Equestrian with no further obligation to the Consignor. Any unsold items that remain in Evolution Equestrian’s possession after the twenty-one-day pickup time frame will become the property of Evolution Equestrian and may be disposed of as Evolution Equestrian sees fit, including but not limited to donation to a charity.

Consignor Responsibility, Risk, and General Liability

It is the Consignor’s responsibility to confirm sales, payment, pick up items when requested, and ensure Evolution Equestrian has current contact information.

All items are left entirely at the Consignor’s risk. Evolution Equestrian, its owners, employees, and agents will not be held responsible for loss due to theft, accidental damage, or fire. Evolution Equestrian will use reasonable conventional safeguards in the handling, storing, and displaying of all goods.


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