Red Horse Products Sole Cleanse

Red Horse Products Sole Cleanse

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Hoof Cleaning Spray - 500ml Spray Bottle 

Sole Cleanse spray cleanses the frog and sole to reduce and prevent foul odour and tissue degredation.

Its active ingredients cleanse the frog and sole and support healthy tissue growth.

Sole Cleanse can be used to flush cracks in the white line, frog and other crevices in the horse’s foot prior to packing them with Artimud or Hoof-Stuff.

  • Zinc Sulphate - A powerful, non-caustic, cleansing agent.
  • Essential Oils- A highly effective  essential oil that helps to toughen weakened structures.
  • Natural Surfactants- To maintain product consistency.

There is not tree oil in the formula because it can cause allergic reactions in some horses. Tea tree oil can also reduce the activity of the beneficial bacteria on the hoof.



Shake before each use. Ensure feet are picked out and clean prior to application. Apply daily to problem areas as long as required. Apply weekly as a preventative measure.