Red Horse Hydro Hoof

Red Horse Hydro Hoof

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Red Horse Products HydroHoof is a honey-based hoof moisturiser that soothes dry, cracked or inelastic hooves and rejuvenates withered, dry frogs.

Developed at the request of an equine podiatrist, HydroHoof is designed to balance moisture in the hoof. The formulation allows the horn to absorb only as much moisture as it needs, which prevents it from becoming soft and soggy.

Beeswax has been added to help prevent moisture loss from the hoof and bergamot oil conditions the hoof and helps protect it against damage from external factors.

The ingredients in HydroHoof have been chosen for their moisturising or antibacterial properties.


Honey has many useful properties and is a particularly effective moisturiser.

Sweet almond oil

A soothing moisturising oil that helps balance moisture uptake and loss from horn tissue.


Added to help create the right consistency.

Ceteryl alcohol

An emulsifier that keeps the oil ingredients mixed with the water-based ingredients.


An essential oil to support a healthy microbial environment which also helps to condition the hoof.

Vitamin E

A preservative and hoof conditioner.


Beeswax provides a barrier against moisture loss.

Shea butter

A moisturiser with natural UV protective element

Aloe vera gel

A natural moisturising gel.



How do I apply HydroHoof?

Simply brush a thin layer onto the wall of the hoof and allow to soak in. May be used on the frog if it is excessively hard/ dry.

 How often should I apply HydroHoof?

We suggest daily use until the horn improves, then application interval can be extended if appropriate.

Does HydroHoof soak in?

Mostly yes, leaving a slight surface residue which can by wiped/ polished off to improve appearance.

Customer Reviews

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Red Horse Hydro Hoof

HydroHoof is "a honey-based hoof moisturizer product that soothes dry, cracked or inelastic hooves and rejuvenates withered, dry frogs”. It works just as Red Horse says it will, and I’ve found this to be a great alternative to hoof oil this summer.