Red Horse Honey Heel Cream

Red Horse Honey Heel Cream

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Honey-based wound cream for horses

100ml Tube

HoneyHeel is a rich, soothing cream for horses that provides a protective barrier over minor wounds and supports the natural healing process.

It is formulated with honey and natural minerals, naturally active agents that support the natural formation of healthy tissue.

The sticky consistency helps HoneyHeel stay in place, allowing the active agents to maintain contact with the skin. The addition of aloe vera enhances the soothing effect of the cream.

All of the ingredients in HoneyHeel are natural and have been chosen for their active properties and enhance the consistency of the cream.


We use specially selected honey for its excellent beneficial properties and slow crystallisation, helping HoneyHeel keep its smooth consistency for longer.

Natural Minerals

Powerful but gentle minerals for their active function and to improve the consistency of honey. NOTE – these ingredients make HoneyHeel unsuitable for use on Dogs, due to danger of ingestion.


Aloe vera juice

A moisturising juice with active properties that also helps to slow the crystallisation of honey, helping HoneyHeel keep its smooth consistency.

Natural Agents

Added to slow the crystalisation of honey and enhance the effect and consistency of HoneyHeel.