Winner's Circle Brushes

I love grooming. To me, there is nothing better than a well-groomed horse. It shows pride in one's pony and just takes some good elbow grease. Plus I find it relaxing and meditative for me. 

I value my brushes and have a large collection of nice ones now. I am excited and proud to carry Winner's Circle brushes. These are a brand that I have truly tried and tested. My husband purchased me a Winner's Circle Horsehair Brush when we were living up in Smithers after university roughly 8 years ago. It is still going strong and is one of my favorites. 


Let's talk more about the Winner's Circle brushes. 

Winner's Circle Horsehair Brush

As mentioned, this is one of my favorites. The soft natural fibers of horsehair make this a great year-round brush. It is my go-to in the summer and on a clipped horse. They clean up well and last. Mine is 8 years old. It is a great choice for sensitive horses. 

Winner's Circle Tampico Brush

Tampico is a natural fibre harvested from the cactus-like Lechuguilla plant. It is a good medium-stiff brush that is great for a fall groom or those dirtier horses. It has a nice "flick" to get the deeper dander up and off the skin. 

Winner's Circle Medium Grey English Brush

The Grey English is another one of my favorite brushes. I understand that I am going to sound like a broken record but trust me I will tell you when I don't love a brush too. This brush is the perfect medium that will still get the job done on a summer and winter coat. 

Winner's Circle Union Fiber

This is the stiff brush of the collection. It is up for the job when tackling mud, sand, and dust from any length of coat. This wouldn't be my top pick for a sensitive skinned horse.