What are Daisy Reins?

#TackTipTuesday Have you ever heard of a daisy rein? 🌼 They are not for sunshine and lollipops, but for sneaky ponies who like to outsmart their young riders.

Daisy reins are useful for small children who don't have the upper body strength to outsmart cheeky ponies as they dive for grass. They can be a safety measure to put in place/if/when needed. 

It is important to make sure your pony/horse is comfortable with this type of pressure before using them, as they do restrict the horse's natural head movement. 

You will also find these reins called "Anti-grazing reins" as they prevent the horse from grazing while under saddle. I would not recommend them for a horse that is grazing on the trails though. A simple lightweight nose net/muzzle is a better solution for those who love to dive for grass while out. 

 This style of Daisy Rein will attach to the crown of the bridle, down the crest of the neck and attaching to the dee's on the saddle.