URAD - Boot Polish

In true fashion, started this Tack Tip Tuesday thinking I was recording when I was not. 🙊 Oops!
I recently got URAD leather cream in store and I am excited to share how great this product is with you! I have used URAD for years and it is my go-to for boot polish.
💚Even though it does call itself an all in our cleaner and polisher. I do recommend always starting with clean leather as you will get a better result.
✨ A little goes a long way with this product so you don’t need very much.
🦄 I personally like to use gloves when applying to help keep the black off of my hands.
🤩 You can really make your boots shine by going over again and buffing up the polish.
Currently in store is Black and Clear. Have questions? I am always here to talk tack!