The Kimberwick Bit

This week's #TackTipTuesday we dive into the Kimberwick bit. Did you know this bit is also called Kimblewick. It was named after a town in Britian where it was first used. 

The Kimberwick bit is a stronger bit than a simple snaffle, but sometimes a needed choice for strong ponies, or hotter horses. It provides less leverage than a pelham due to the distance between the reins and the mouthpiece. The greater this distance the more pressure a bit will apply.

A Kimberwick bit works off of leverage pressure. As the reins are used the bit applied pressure on the bars of the mouth, the chin, and the horse's poll. It is important to use a curb strap/chain when using a bit with leverage as it will stop the amount of rotation of the bit. 

Kimberwick Bit Tack Tip Tuesday

Kimberwicks can come in a variety of mouthpieces, but the most common is a mullen mouth style. This bit works best in a mullen mouth style, like other curbs and leverage style bits as they work more as a solid unit rather than collapsing at a single or double joint in the horse's mouth. (Future #TackTipTuesday coming soon) 

This bit is not legal in the dressage ring and not a favorite for the hunter ring either. However, I do recommend this bit for trail riders who sometimes have a hotter horse but don't want a harsh bit. 

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