Stirrup Bar Position

This small little tip can be the difference between a close call and some broken bones. On an English saddle the stirrups rest on the stirrup bar that is connected to the saddle’s tree. This bar distributes the weight and pressure from the rider across the tree and over the horse’s back. Some styles will just have a slight curve, some will move up and some will lock. On this saddle that I show in the video, the stirrup bar was locked in place.

If/when bad things happen (as we are dealing with horses), it is best to have the tack and leather break than ourselves or our horses. Leaving the stirrup bar in the down/flat position allows the stirrup leather to slide off incase of a fall. This will prevent the rider from getting tangled and dragged.

It is an excellent idea to always check this important part of your saddle when giving it a good clean. Having the stirrup bars in the down position also makes it easier to thread the stirrup leather through!