Rear Cinch Fit

It is #TackTipTuesday again! To continue on off of last week’s topic we dive into rear cinch fit. Also called a back cinch. The purpose of a back cinch to keep the western saddle level during a long day in the tack. It is not suppose to be tight like the front cinch, but loose enough to allow the expansion of the ribcage, and not too loose that branches can get caught in it. I typically recommend a two finger distance.


Back cinches are to be connected to the front cinch to prevent them from sliding back and becoming a bucking strap in your horse’s flank. This little piece of tack is called a cinch connector.

Not all western sports require a back cinch. In events where there isn’t sharp maneuvers such as Western Pleasure, or Horsemanship you won’t need one.

However they are recommended for trail riding, cow work and speed events