Let's Talk Brushes

As we are only a few more days away from officially being spring and hopefully a show season after two years! We are all starting to spend a little more time getting the winter coat off our horse's and helping them look their best. 

If you have followed for a while you will know how much of a turnout nut I am. Nothing like taking a little pride in your pony and keeping them looking their best. Grooming has so many positive benefits for your horse including a healthier coat, beneficial for their muscles and it is a great time to bond. 

I love to have a wide selection of brushes in my grooming kit. To me, I see brushes the same way an artist has a variety of different paintbrushes. Each one has a different feel, a different weight, and a different effect on the horse's coat. 


Recently I was able to bring in Eqclusive's specially curated grooming sets. Specially picked with high-quality brushes to bring out the best shine in your horse's coat.  There are a few packs left, including the Grey & Coloured Horse Pack, the Chestnut Pack, The Bay and Black Horse Pack (currently sold out), and the Universal Pack

Brushes included in these packs contain a variety of different textures of bristles. Starting with a stiffer brush, these brushes are dense to create friction to help bring up dander and dirt from the horse's skin. In the Grey/Universal Pack there are more options on stiffer brushes as they are also the best for getting stains out of the coat. The second brush in the system is made of robust mane and tail hair, giving it the strength to be a daily brush while still being gentle for sensitive-skinned horses. And finally, there are two options of finishing brushes. One for a good daily pampers of soft, thick, gentle bristles, and the Diva made of soft lambswool, ideal for a perfect glossy finish or applying cosmetics right before hitting the show ring!  

Eqclusive Brushes at Evolution Equestrian Tack Shop

Other options recently brought in are the Alan Davies line. A collection designed by Carl Hester's international travelling groom, with Valegro, Uthopia, Nip Tuck and the other horses at the yard. 

Alan has clocked up many thousands of air and road miles, travelling the world to Olympic Games, World and European Championships. Alan's attention to detail and devotion to his charges has earned him recognition wherever he goes, now known as 'super groom' he has helped demonstrate the rewards and enjoyment of a being career groom.
A few of his brushes include the beautiful horsehair Mr. Glossy, the long bristled Mr. Flicky and the luxurious Polisher Brush.
Alan Davies Eqclusive Brush Collection Polisher Glossy
Need help building your own grooming kit? I am happy to help you make the best one for your needs and your horse!