Kieffer Ultrasoft Lunge Cavesson

I love finding useful pieces of tack to bring to my customers! This Keiffer Ride and Lunge Cavesson is a fantastic addition to your tack room if you love to do classic dressage in hand work, lots of lunging, starting young horses, and a variety of other work with your horse. 

Why use a lunging cavesson? 

The cavesson has been used in classic dressage work from between the 16th and 18th centuries. With the position of the rings it allows the most direct aid on the horse's nose without interfering with the bit, and to have an influence on the horse's neck without creating a twist in the head from pressure under the jaw. 

The middle ring is for the attachment of a single line during groundwork or longeing. The two outer rings can be used for a double long line, side reins, regular reins, or long reins when longing, working in hand, long reining and riding. 


In this #TackTipTuesday video, I did grab the wrong size but still wanted to show you this great piece of tack. The noseband on this cavesson should be 2-3 fingers below the horse's cheekbone. It is important to have it not too low that it is sitting on the soft part of the horse's nose and thinner part of their nose bone. The jaw strap is there to prevent the cheekpieces from pulling up into your horse's eyes. You want your horse to be able to comfortably chew and move their jaw.

Pi Evolution Equestrian Keiffer Ulatrsoft Lung and Ride Cavesson

Keiffer Ultrasoft Lunge Cavesson

This lunging cavesson is designed without a wide rigid nose, but with an ultrasoft and comfortable fit. This headstall is built with a soft padded crownpiece with a cut-back design at the ears. Comfort is in mind with an extra padded bottom noseband. The cavesson is made with lightweight nose iron that has three loose rings on the noseband to attach your working lines from. This iron-nose design does keep it's shape but isn't heavy on your horse's face. 

Plus it has removable bit clips that allow you to work with or without a bit. To work off of this headstall bitless, you would attach the reins to the outer rings. 

 Grab one for your tack room!