Ice Boot Review

Life with horses means always dealing with injuries. This #TackTipTuesday was inspired by Pi’s latest tricks in giving himself a bit of a swollen leg. Due to my barn having a shallow well, cold hosing isn’t available all the time. To remedy this, I invested in a few sets of ice boots.

My favorite ice boot is the Horseware Ice Vibes. Now they are expensive, but in my opinion worth it. A few reasons why I love the Horseware Ice Vibe include:

  • The fit. I find they provide the best contact with the horse’s leg. They come in Regular and XLarge.

  • Vibration option. With or without the gel pack, the vibration is a great way to increase circulation.

  • The gel packs. Did you know you can actually order these separately too? They are super handy. Don’t take up a lot of space in the freezer and still provide a cooling effect when in their gel state.















The other style of Ice Boot that I own, is the Professional’s Choice Ice Boots. This boot is designed with little gel pockets. I find this design doesn’t provide as even contact as the Ice Vibes and tends to slid a bit more. But they are taller in comparison. Due to the pockets they don’t ice as evenly but I saw tips online to soak the boot in ice water after freezing and it will stay more even in temperature.

Professional’s Choice did just redesign these boots to now have a suspensory strap.