How to use the Solo Comb

#TackTipTuesday - Using a Solo Mane Comb
One of the secrets to getting beautiful braids is starting with a thin even mane. Traditionally, the best way to achieve a thinner mane is by pulling the horse's mane out. Some horses are okay with this, however, some are not. The Solo Comb is an excellent solution for pulling for sensitive horses.
To use the Solo Comb, you are going to work similar to as if you were pulling the mane. But instead of pulling you will cut the hairs at the base of the mane.
A couple quick notes to save you the learning curve that I found out.
☑️ Make sure to only go from the underside of the mane.
☑️ Do small sections
☑️ Make sure to use do the cut right at the base of the mane.
☑️ I use scissors to get the bulk of the length off
☑️ This method does leave a few shorter fly-aways that are hard to braid in if not done correctly.
☑️ Practice makes perfect. Don't do it the few days before the show like I did.
Do you braid your horse for shows? I would love to see a photo of your braiding job!