How to Measure Bits

When purchasing new (or used!) tack for your horse, it is important to get the right size. Some items come small/medium/large or pony/cob/horse/warmblood, but bits come by measurements. The average bit size is 5" however they can range from mini bits 3" to large draft sizes of 6"+.  Now, where do we get this sizing from? Let's talk about it on this week's #TackTipTuesday!

For all bits, we want to measure from inside to inside on the cheekpieces. This will give us the total length of the measurement. This length will be the length that sits in the horse's mouth. It is important to remember that when we fit a bit with movement on the rings, such as a loose ring or a gag bit we want to size up 1/2" from our normal size to make sure the bit doesn't pinch the horse's lips. 

How to measure horse bits Tack Tip Tuesday