Hot Oil Treatment for your Horse

As I juggle my barn time while juggling my six-month old son, I am doing a lot less riding and a lot more grooming. Which I love! I believe grooming and simple ground work can go a long way in your relationship with your horse. 

During the winter months it can feel no matter how much you curry it is hard to get that shine on a longer winter coat. The dander builds up and leaves a waxy residue on the coat. This waxy residue that you will find on your tack in the winter is actually one of the ways your horse's coat becomes weather resistant. But it can build up under blankets, saddle pads and other tack and leave a layer that will create friction. Friction can lead to rubs, skin issues and generally uncomfortable for your horse. Another great reminder to wipe your tack with a damp cloth after every use! 

Pi Winter

A hot oil wipe can be a total spa treatment for your horse's winter coat! The oil helps to pull and collect the excess dander from your horse's coat and put a nice shine back in. Plus the warm heat feels lovely. I always recommend doing an oil treatment after clipping as well. 

You can put your own spin on this grooming technique but I personally love to use some baby oil and a few drops of lavender and tea tree essential oils in my bucket of hot water. (not too hot as you don't want to burn yourself or your horse!) Ecolicious Equestrian also has a fabulous product called Clippin' Awesome.  With oils, a little goes a long way, you only need a bit. Too much and your horse will be greasy like a teenager's hair in puberty. 

This might be called a hot oil treatment, but you do not need to warm up the oil. Just the water.

Dip you rag into your bucket then wring out your rag before rubbing your horse now. This process shouldn't make your horse wet, but you want to use the damp heat of the rag and not the water.  

If you horse ends up being a little damp due to a longer thicker coat, make sure to have a cooler on hand.

Enjoy the winter spa day with your horse! 



PS. Don't squeeze the old bottle of baby oil too hard, otherwise you might get a oil treatment yourself.