Haas Brush Review

I recently decided to treat myself to some highly raved about Hass brushes. Being a grooming and turnout fanatic, I really value a good brush. However, when trying to research these brushes, I found it hard to find detailed information on each brush. The Hass website is designed for Europe, so it doesn’t translate the easiest. SmartPak had some better descriptions, but I do always prefer to support my local small business tack stores!  

Since I am so in love with these brushes I thought I would share with you, my thoughts. Please excuse my dirty brushes in my images, I can assure you, put them to the test before giving my feedback!

Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.


This brush is the stiffest out of the ones that I recently purchased. This is my go-to for the dirty spots, especially during shedding season. I wouldn’t recommend this brush for a sensitive skinned horse, but it is a great dandy and helps to bring up all the deep dander.  The Schimmel brush is designed for light colour horses as it is great for removing stubborn dirt and mud. The dense bridles are made of dense coconut fibres which are water-resistant and make this brush easy to clean.


I would consider this brush to be an excellent daily dandy brush! It is a medium-stiff brush that has the perfect balance of bringing up sand, dirt and dust without being too harsh on the skin. This brush is made of horsehair but the shortness and quality of the bristles make it an excellent choice for daily brushes. This one is a must-have on my list of recommendations.

Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.


Not only is this a fantastic brush, it is also so pretty. I love the black and white pattern of the bristle that defines the name behind the brush. Of course, having a Pinto I had to add this one to my collection. This brush is made from high-quality black and white horsehair, however with a mix of types. The Black hair in the brush is stiffer than the grey soft horsehair. This helps to clean the coat and pick up the dirt as you brush.  Due to this mix, this brush is also great for tougher spots on sensitive areas or as a stiffer brush for sensitive horses.


I know this brush is going to become my go to brush for a short summer coat or on a clipped horse. This unique brush is different in design due the border bristles being slightly longer than the rest of the brush. This removes the deeper dust and dander while the shorter interior bristles add that beautiful shine that only a high-quality natural fiber brush can do! If you are looking to add just one Haas brush to your collection, this is one I would recommend!

Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.


I still have a few more Hass Brushes that I have been saving to really test out, as I find shedding season can be a little tricky to really get a good feel of a brush. Especially the Diva Brush. This brush is incredibly soft and filled with lambswool. I imagine this brush would be the ideal finishing brush for that last glow before heading into the show ring.


Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.