Dressage Whip Length

Did you know dressage whips come in a variety of lengths? Choosing the proper length for your needs depends on a few factors, such as the size of your horse, and how you are planning on using your whip.

If you are using the whip for riding, you want to be able to reach just behind your leg. The whip is designed to be an extension of your aid, to help refine your cues.  If it is too short or too long it will not be able to reach the correct point. In some cases, a longer whip can be a useful tool as it is easier to reach the hind quarters or give you more reach if you are using it for groundwork.

The average whip length is 48" or 120 cm and will suit the needs of most riders. The 40" is ideal for ponies and the 52" is better for training on larger horses. However, when competing, whips can only be a maximum of 120 cm for horses and 100 cm for ponies.


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