Breastplate Fit

#TackTipTuesday - Breastcollar fit
Pi was in need of a new breastplate, so I purchased him the Kavalkade Everyday Breastplate. I am excited to be able to give this leather a try and see how it holds up and wears. Like saddle fit, girth, bridle and breastplate fit are all important for our horse's comfort and welfare.
This style is similar to a 5 point that attaches to the girth billets and the saddle's dee rings. However, this one only attaches to the billets.
When fitting a breastplate you want:
🐴 The main strap to run parallel to the horse's shoulder allows maximum movement freedom.
🐴 The centre/chest piece should sit square in the cen
tre of your horse's chest and where the neck ties into the chest. If it is too high, that will indicate the breastplate is too small and will interfere with your horse's breathing.
🐴 The girth attachments should be a comfortable hand width from your horse's sternum. Too loose and it will allow for the potential to get caught on things or legs when jumping.
🐴If your breastplate has the billet attachments like this one does, you will want the straps to run horizontally, if angled it can put pressure in the wrong places on your tack and horse.
Have questions about tack fit? I am always here to talk tack!