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Find relief with Back on Track. This Swedish company is designed to help you, your horses and your dogs feeling their best. 

Founded by a medical doctor who, in 2000, developed a functional, analgesic mineral textile called Welltex® and Iontex® which work via Infrared Radiation. This reflected wavelength (via mineral powder melted into threads) has been documented to help ease muscle tension, increase blood circulation, and aid in shortening the recovery process in both people and animals. Back on Track’s exceptional product line of clothing and accessories infused with Welltex® or Iontex® make life feel better.

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Back on Track products feature modern, scientific textile technology, based on unique combinations of reflective minerals that are melted into the fabric. The natural minerals catch the natural warmth from your body and transform it into long-wave infrared energy, which is then reflected back to your skin, joints and muscles. Humans and animals radiate body heat both at rest and during activity, so the products can be used whenever is most convenient.

The value of the energy reflected and stored by the fabric is known as the emissivity value. The level of emissivity is adapted to each product as well as its application area in order to achieve the best balance and the desired effect. The amount of radiation that a fabric gives off is affected by the minerals chosen and their composition. Back on Track products have excellent breathability. This prevents heat being trapped or insulated – it is the infrared energy that provides the effect.

The natural infrared energy is known to boost blood circulation and promote the production of nitric oxide in blood vessels. Perfect for recovery or to loosen up tense muscles. The effect can be experienced in different ways. Some individuals feel a warm sensation, but the feeling varies. The results of using the product also vary between individuals.

How does Welltex work?

Welltex® functional fabric utilizes the body’s own energy (heat signature). When a Welltex® product is worn against the skin it radiates body energy back as a far-infrared wavelength. That far-infrared wavelength energy penetrates several centimeters into the body’s tissues. The incoming energy triggers a message in the brain that results in micro dilation of blood vessels and the release of nitric oxide. Dilated blood vessels facilitate an increase in blood circulation which, in turn, will increase the oxygen transport and waste product removal to and from the tissues, muscles, joints, tendon/ligaments, etc. It is a known fact that increased blood circulation will aid in the overall well being and health of the tissues and in healing from some trauma and injuries. When released in the blood vessel, “nitric oxide relaxes the vessels and keeps them flexible, allowing them to dilate, boosting blood flow, and helping to control blood pressure”. Berkeley Wellness – University of California, Why Nitric Oxide Is So Important – Jeanine Barone

Back on Track Welltex

How is Welltex® manufactured?

When manufacturing the polyester and polypropylene fibers that Back on Track products are made of, ceramic particles are fused into the textile fibers through a Nano technology heat process. The selection of these ceramic particles is based on which absorption and emission spectrum they contain. The result is that when the ceramic particles absorb the body’s energy radiation, they expel energy of a specific wavelength, which is based in the long-wave infrared zone of the thermal radiation spectrum. It is well established and documented that long-wave infrared heat radiation has a pain reducing effect and increases blood circulation.

How do I use Back on Track products?

We recommend an introduction time of 2-4 hours/day for the first 3-5 days to get the body used to the effects, but the length of introduction can vary between individuals. Use your judgment to determine when ready for longer use. For the best results, after the introduction time, use the products for longer periods of time daily – such as overnight. Every 3-4 weeks we recommend not using the products for 3-6 days. The period of discontinued use is for you to assess/reassess the progress of your horse or dog and even yourself. Products may be worn for a period of 1-24 hours a day after the introductory period. For use with dogs and horses, we recommend removing our products for 3-4 hours a day to give the animal a break from the effects.

Back on Track Human Braces

How long does Back on Track fabric last and retain its Welltex® properties?

Because the Welltex material is fused into the thread of the fabric, it will always be effective, no matter how much you have used the products or how many times they have been washed.


How do I wash Back on Track products?

Machine wash in warm water and a mild detergent. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Hang to dry.


About the technologies


Welltex® is Back On Track's first and most renowned technology. Welltex® has the highest emissivity value (reflection of long-wave infrared energy), making it ideal for preparation and recovery.


Iontex® technology has the same basic concept as Welltex® and is developed for products made of lightweight and highly elastic fabrics. The minerals in Iontex® are antibacterial and quick-drying and can increase endurance.


Haematex™ is a high-tech material used for sportswear, containing minerals that reuse the body's natural energy. Products with Haematex™ provide excellent support and a comfortable feeling of compression. Maximum breathability and high moisture control.

Cool on Track™

Cool on Track™ is specially developed to keep dogs cool in all situations. Made of high-tech material that effectively keeps your dog cool by allowing water to evaporate.


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