After your Beach Ride!

#tacktiptuesday - Caring for your tack after a beach ride! 🌊🐴
Since my 14th birthday, I have always taken my horses to the beach! it has become a fun annual tradition.
Horse Beach Vancouver Island
🐴 It is important to ensure you take care of your horse and your tack after taking them to the beach. Horse first, always! I do a thorough wash to ensure I get all the salt and sand off his skin to ensure it doesn't irritate him. Plus, I cold hose the legs a bit after, as beach sand can be a little deeper than they are used to working in.
Next comes tack. For items that got really sandy and wet, I do a quick dunk in a water bucket, then hang them to dry. Leather can get wet, but you want to make sure it dries evenly. Don't put it in front of a heater. This usually includes my girth/cinch, breastplate, reins, spur straps and stirrups.
Then I go in and clean everything with saddle soap, making sure I get all the sand and grime off the tack. Once it is fully dry, I go back with a conditioner. If you put conditioner or oil on when the tack is too wet then it will be uneven as the leather absorbs it. Remember not to oil/condition your tack too often, but after the salt exposure, it is vital.
🌊🐴 Let me know if have you ever taken your horse to the beach! I would love to see your photos!
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