27 Cedar Custom Saddle Pads

I am super excited to announce we now have 27 Cedars Custom Saddle Pads now in store. These pads come in Dressage, Western, Eventing, Close Contact, and Baby Pads! In a variety of sizes and lengths too!
The Western pads come with two options of length of leather wears, depending if you use a front and/or rear cinch. These pads have an 80/20 cotton/wool blend batting for the ultimate compression resistance while still providing comfortable sweat wicking and breathable properties.
27 Cedar Saddle Pad Navy Floral
The English pads are made with a sandwich of cotton-wool-cotton to make the pads as long-lasting and breathable as possible. The cotton layers, next to the horse, absorb the moisture, and the wool pulls it away to the top layer of cotton to be evaporated by evaporation. This keeps horses dryer and happier without any heat or sweat trapped under the pad.
27 Cedar Dressage Saddle Pad
All pads are made with pure cotton diaper fannel on the inside of the pad. This material washes well, is hypoallergenic, prevents sliding, is soft and comfortable for the horse and allows for an easy saddle fit check after every ride. Diaper flannel is the top choice for our children as it has high-percale cotton that transfers moisture away from the skin.
Find them now at EvolutionTack.ca